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Olympic Flame Pan Cake House Story

Just Briefly…

Many people have asked me how my family chose the name of the restaurant. We grew up and lived not far from Olympia, Greece where the original Olympic Games were staged in the well-preserved Olympic Stadium. To people from all over the world, the flame of the Olympic torch is a symbol of the legend of the Games, of athletes from hundreds of countries competing against each other, of sportsmanship and good will. To me it is also a reminder of many happy years of my youth. As a tribute to these thoughts, my family named the restaurant the Olympic Flame.

 The legend of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games take place every four years and are held in one of the world’s major cities. Colorful ceremonies are combined with thrilling athletic competition to create the special feeling of excitement that surrounds the Olympics. The opening ceremony is particularly impressive. The Olympic athletes of Greece march into the stadium first, in honor of the original Olympics held in ancient Greece. The athletes of the other countries follow in alphabetical order by country, with the exception of the athletes of the host country who enter last.

The most dramatic moment of the opening ceremony is the lighting of the Olympic Flame. Today, beginning four weeks before the start of the Olympic Games and in an area near where we grew up, a ceremony is held at Olympia where a flame is rekindled using a parabolic mirror. After the flame is lit, it is carried to the altar at the Temple of Hera, where the Torch Relay begins. Thousands of runners, planes and ships, representing all of the countries between Greece and the host country, take part in the journey. The final runner carries the torch into the stadium, circles the track and lights the Olympic Flame, which is kept burning until the end of the games.

Thanks for dining with us. We hope we have helped make your day enjoyable.

– – Jimmy Lambrinos

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A Myrtle Beach Breakfast & Lunch Tradition

Are you tired of the continental “breakfast” hotels offer while on vacation? Or maybe fast-food chain’s processed meals have left you missing a good home cooked meal? Olympic Flame Pancake House of Myrtle Beach is the answer to your breakfast woes since 1975. From our fluffy buttermilk pancakes, delectable french toast, three egg omelettes and more, Olympic Flame Pancake has something for everyone.

We don’t stop at breakfast, Olympic Flame Pancake House has a large selection of sandwiches and burgers to choose from for lunch. The same fresh ingredients and family recipes goes into the preparation of our lunch menu items. Whether your looking for a juicy cheeseburger, stacked high club sandwich, philly cheesesteak and more, Olympic Flame has you covered.

Located on Ocean Boulevard just north of the Myrtle Beach Skywheel, Olympic Flame Pancake House is the affordably priced breakfast and lunch restaurant you and your family will come back to again and again. We have been a family owned and operated business since 1975, and while others have come and gone, Olympic Flame Pancake House has stayed true to what has made us a popular breakfast and lunch stop for locals and visitors alike. We hope you take the time to come visit us, and we look forward to having you as part of the family.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Oklahoma

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Oklahoma is working for last many years and serving the people with unsurpassed quality of work. For epoxy floor we are offering different and unique form of coatings that enhances the overall look of floor. These coatings are part of our services and we do not charge extra amount for these coatings. These coatings may give matte finishing or glossing finishing to your floor depending upon your taste that you want to give to your floor.

It’s time to give a signature look to your floor, because we are here for you and give you assistance for bringing some change in your life. Because life is very beautiful happening and one can enhanced its beauty by giving a totally new look to your surroundings.  Now do not settle yourself with dull and boring grey floors. Just show your reliability on Epoxy Floor Coatings Oklahoma. We give a totally new look to your floor with different sprays of coatings that not only make you floor more durable but also feel relaxing to walk on.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Oklahoma does not discriminate with their clients. All the clients have their own value for us and a team of professionals deal them in a very ethical way. The quality of listen carefully to all clients enhances their trust on us. Either it’s a phone call or man to man dealings we behave same with our clients because for us, your respect matters a lot!

Our teams assure the following reimbursement of Epoxy Floor Coatings Oklahoma working;

  • Long lasting results of coatings – that are resistant to UV light, mostly enter in home along with sunlight.
  • We provide you the guarantee with our color scheme, colors don’t fade with time.
  • Call Us! 24/7, you will find our team very responsive.
  • These floor are slip resistant, we don’t add such chemical that give slippery touch to floor because your safety comes first.
  • Epoxy floor coatings also increase the strength and durability of floor and floor remain same for centuries. In other words, this is long lasting investment for your home and offices.
  • Just to build up your trust on just, we give a short tour to our clients for the places build up by our team.
  • Until Now! We have received remarkable feedbacks from our clients.
  • If you choose us for your flooring than we will definitely give you more than your expectations.
  • These coatings are weather resistant, either the weather is wind, dusty, rainy or wet the quality of floor do not damage.
  • The Epoxy Floor Coatings are weather friendly and chemicals used in it, do not affect the hands or skin of our labor work.
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings Oklahoma give architecture touch to floor.

We as a team work for the best and strive for the best! Our quest is never ending; we are spreading our work round the Globe so that more and more people get benefits from our efforts.

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Polished Concrete Atlanta

Polished Concrete Atlanta

Polished concrete Atlanta is an advanced and economical flooring system in Atlanta. This flooring system utilized industrial rhombi and suffusing hardeners for enhancing the durability of floors. Compared to the other forms of floors, polished concrete floors have high life expectancy and sustainability. The material used for such polishing contain allotropes of diamond that not only strengthen the floor but also increase the value of your home and offices. Hence, increases the financial profit for your place.

Polished Concrete Atlanta

Maintenance of Polished Concrete in Atlanta

Polished Concrete in Atlanta maintained high quality of floors for residential and commercial areas and prevent it from damage. Highly qualified staff fitted the polished floors in warehouse, office, homes and industrial areas of Atlanta. Such polished floors not only enhanced the beauty of the office but also impose soothing and relaxing effects on the eyes of workers. This, in turn, increases their ability to work more for the benefit of ourcompany.

Cost of Polished Concrete in Atlanta

The cost of a polished concrete floor is very cheap for the people of Atlanta – per square cost of the polished concrete floor is in a range of $2 to $6 for common residents of Atlanta. The range can be vary depending on the polishing condition, concrete condition, size of area and choice of decoration. The cost also depends on the quality of dye used, cutting of the concrete according to specific design and level of shine.

Benefits of Polished Concrete in Atlanta

There are many benefits of a polished concrete floor that enhanced its value for Atlantic people. Such floors are resistant to slip, reflect the natural light because the polish has a reflective effect to light. The quality of the gloss can be increased and decreased according to demand. Such flooring requires low maintenance because of high durability. Mold does not grow on a polished concrete floor because there is no place where water can stay on such floors and give way to fungus to grow over there and spoil its beauty. If the Atlantic people used pH balancing cleaning water for cleaning the floor than the durability of the floor increased on a daily basis.

Professionals of Polished Concrete in Atlanta

Almost all types of concrete floors can be polished depending upon the size, and finishing of the floor. The process of polishing is time-consuming and the installation of such floor requires skills, expertise, and attention. If the installation was not proper than floor can quickly be cracked and damaged.

Areas covered by Polished Concrete Atlanta

This service is provided in all remote and metro area of Atlanta including Dallas, Tucker, Villa Rica, East Cobb, and many other regions. Scheduled completion of polishing is promised with a cost-effective process from start to the end of processing. The polished concrete floors are sometimes coated with more than one dye and gloss just to increase the shine depending on the demand of customers. 

In short, if you want to increase the durability, aesthetic beauty, and effeteness’ of your concrete floors than you should polished it with specific dye containing the fussing hardeners and diamond allotropes. This is very intelligent and eco-friendly approach for your office, home and commercial floors.

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