Olympic Flame Pan Cake House Story

Just Briefly…

Many people have asked me how my family chose the name of the restaurant. We grew up and lived not far from Olympia, Greece where the original Olympic Games were staged in the well-preserved Olympic Stadium. To people from all over the world, the flame of the Olympic torch is a symbol of the legend of the Games, of athletes from hundreds of countries competing against each other, of sportsmanship and good will. To me it is also a reminder of many happy years of my youth. As a tribute to these thoughts, my family named the restaurant the Olympic Flame.

 The legend of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games take place every four years and are held in one of the world’s major cities. Colorful ceremonies are combined with thrilling athletic competition to create the special feeling of excitement that surrounds the Olympics. The opening ceremony is particularly impressive. The Olympic athletes of Greece march into the stadium first, in honor of the original Olympics held in ancient Greece. The athletes of the other countries follow in alphabetical order by country, with the exception of the athletes of the host country who enter last.

The most dramatic moment of the opening ceremony is the lighting of the Olympic Flame. Today, beginning four weeks before the start of the Olympic Games and in an area near where we grew up, a ceremony is held at Olympia where a flame is rekindled using a parabolic mirror. After the flame is lit, it is carried to the altar at the Temple of Hera, where the Torch Relay begins. Thousands of runners, planes and ships, representing all of the countries between Greece and the host country, take part in the journey. The final runner carries the torch into the stadium, circles the track and lights the Olympic Flame, which is kept burning until the end of the games.

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– – Jimmy Lambrinos

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