Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors

If you have a cloth shower curtain, you may have thought about replacing it with something more sustainable, durable and less flexible. A good replacement option for a bath or shower curtain is frameless glass shower doors. Shower constructions from glass match any bathroom interior design and can fit into all the places you want to install them. What is a frameless shower door and how to install it?

Types of Glass Doors

Original frameless shower door or frameless cubicle looks like an ordinary shower cubicle, but without a frame. Glass sheets are attached directly to the walls. Glass for shower cabins is usually quenched to minimize the possibility of accidental injury. Laminated glass is less commonly used. Glass sheets for frameless shower or bathtub should be thicker to keep the strength of the whole construction without using frames. You can choose among a variety of frameless constructions:

  • frameless sliding shower doors. They are a perfect design option for small bathrooms as they help to save some spare space;
  • semi frameless shower door. It is an average variant between conventional shower cubicle and a modern glass construction;
  • frameless hinged shower door. It looks nice in a big bathroom. Besides this type of doors is a bit cheaper than the sliding one.

If you take a shower in your bathtub and you hate when water splashes fall onto the floor you can buy frameless bathtub doors. They can be of various designs. Cost of frameless shower doors for bathtubs depends on glass quality, its dimensions and design. The choice of glass color and its transparency may vary from completely transparent to frosted one. Manufacturers sometimes offer to apply any picture you like onto the glass door surface.

Choosing a Frameless Construction

You can find quite affordable variants of shower and bath doors of standard sizes or order the best frameless shower doors for tubs and showers from custom shops. The latter will cost you more, but such doors will perfectly fit into your bathroom and will please your eye with the chosen design. Keep in mind that metal details of your glass shower cubicle have to match the overall design of metal things in your bathroom: taps, towel hooks, handles etc.

If you are interested in buying frameless sliding glass shower doors but you don’t know which type and design to choose look through the pictures in our website and the Internet. There you can find quite a number of dealer web-pages where you can read the reviews of customers who have already purchased and installed such shower or bathtub doors and compare their prices.

Glass Shower Constructions Installation

If you decided to buy a standard sized door, it won’t take long until you can have it installed. As soon as you are done with your choice, invite a specialist to install the chosen glass construction, so that you can enjoy having shower or bath without water splashes all around the bathroom.

If you want to have a custom glass door, than you have to be patient. Frameless shower door installation will take longer than installation of an ordinary shower cubicle and will cost you more. Ordering frameless shower construction and its installation usually requires one master’s visit to your home to make all the measurements and talk over the details. Then it takes 7 to 10 days to manufacture the ordered glass construction. Installation normally takes one day, depending on its complexity and the amount of work. But anyway you will like the result.

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