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Tips To Organize A Kitchen Storage

Tips To Organize A Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage – Well ventilated pantry cabinets can be used to store food that does not need to be stored in the refrigerator , and all the groceries can be viewed at a glance without having to open -close your closet doors . Likewise a high pantry unit and can be drawn , all of its contents was clear and easily accessible.

However , this arrangement depends on personal preference , whether all the contents of the kitchen is kept behind closed doors ? Or will display pans , skillets, cups , and glasses on open shelves or behind woven wire or glass doors ?. Large closet , either antique or contemporary , can be used for various purposes , such as displaying cutlery drink , and storing cutlery and kitchen tools , or to store dry food and canned food

Open shelves that its height varies with big drawers or wicker baskets , will help create an informal atmosphere that is close to the natural atmosphere in the kitchen so that we can feel at home working on it for hours .
Upper and lower cabinets are long, appears uniform , and did not have the characteristic , tends to give the impression of a more formal and modern . Unfitted kitchen with appliances and free – standing furniture is increasingly popular , partly because it lets you style kitchen gradually create a space that is personal . Add items one by one , from a wide range of source- when these objects are required, not just a forced fit in with the rules of the scheme design .

The main rule in storing equipment and food is keep as close to the place where it is most often used . If rarely used , a device does not need to be put in front of you . Space for an electric deep- fat fryer which is rarely used better used for juice extractor , for example . Small electrical appliances are usually placed on the kitchen table and close to the outlet , above or below the kitchen table to be easily achieved.
Drinking equipment should be located near the kettle ; pots and pans are used daily should be stored in a large drawer near or under the stove ; spices should be kept in the dark , should be stored in drawers or cupboards close to the preparation area

The main island can be combined with extractor canopy that also serves as a rack for storing herbs and hanging rails . Commercial kitchen cooking tends to keep the equipment in the rack and hung on long iron rods , so a professional chef is taking cookware for preparing food . However , despite pans and cooking equipment are displayed in rows appear attractive , but in the kitchen that is rarely used , these displays will invite dust just annoying .

Paying attention to small details can make a big difference in expediting the work in the kitchen , such as:

• Divide a drawer into smaller partitions to separate the types of equipment such as cutlery and other kitchen appliances

• Selecting pans and utensils to drink that can be stacked to save space in the closet

• Placing magnetic rack to the wall or put a knife in the back of the work surface will make the blade securely in place and remain sharp

• seepage open on the sink will save time , and the dishes are not easily chipped .

• trolley which can be moved could be an extra board when needed. Make sure the trolley is equipped with wheels that can be locked so as not to move when used

Arranging kitchen storage is no longer a difficult job , you can do well now.

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